Updated me

Since a lot of people seem to read the first page and its been up for nearly a year I thought it a good time to ‘update me’.

So much is different from when I wrote the first page, I’m 39 now for a start! I’ve had some turmoil and some changes in life but hopefully nothing that forms more than a temporary diversion from my goals.

I’ve realised what true friends I have and been astounded by the support that they have given me during difficult times. I’ve realised that sometimes fate is not easily avoided no matter how much we think we are in control.

Some of the things that have changed in my life have given me more independence, I guess that’s what happens when you stumble through the fallout of big events. The accident is well recorded here but I guess I’m at least two wrists less than the person who wrote the first page!

I think I will add a summary page every year so this one should read something like :

I’m a 39 year old man living in Walton on the Naze and working for Bombardier, I am currently healing following a major accident and still have some difficulties to surpass on that subject but following this my plan is to stride purposefully back into the licensed trade.

The road may be long, it may be winding but I will share it so if your bored check back in

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