3 comments on “Gypsies and memories

  1. Still the fighter I have known for 15 years and as per a well known British film the pikey won, pity a yank played the part (sorry Brad). Ambition and hard work pays in the long term, and the younger generation should aspire to what can be done, the proof is someone I know as a great friend whether that be Gypo, Pikey or Gav

    • Bloody hell fifteen years, where’s coops when you need him eh? Hey the pikey always wins mate its what we do wouldn’t be the same otherwise would it? Fifteen years, seems like a lifetime ago and yesterday at the same time but always a privilege to have you as a mate.

  2. You will always be my favourite pikey. You worked bloody hard to get where you are today and you still achieve more tha many others who will never be able to get to where you are. Keep up the hard work And remember that it is better to be your own boss rather than being bossed!

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