4 comments on “Is it Johnny’s fault?

  1. Lots of wise points here – as we know from our experiences when young – being allowed to fail and handle ourselves made succeeding all the sweeter. Where a long the way did it suddenly become a crime to fail. You’re right – too much emphasis on under achievement devalues the efforts of the true triers of this world. Imagine being told by your teacher that “good” isn’t good enough, you have to be excellent – when to achieve “good,” every conceivable gut has been busted. This scenario happens frequently – and it shouldn’t.

    • Thanks for agreeing, just found your comment for some reason WP had put it in spam. I have thoroughly scolded it and trust that this will never happen again!

      • Gav- I must thank you properly as you have provided the answer! I have been disappearing into several spam boxes over the last week. I’m now in the process of ingratiating myself to my blogging community, begging them to trawl their spam boxes – apparently it’s the best way to make WP realise that I’m genuine!

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