5 comments on “Escape seemed so real except for the cracker

  1. I travelled to Penzance on that train a couple of years ago and it was one of the most exciting journeys I’ve ever taken. The scenery through Devon and across the Tamar is unbelievably beautiful – you miss so much from a car. Trains give you so much more of a sense of arrival.

    • It is odd though that trains give you a sense of arrival at new destinations but arriving at our capital just feels like drudgery. I have never done the full London to Penzance although I have travelled into Penzance by train and just find it so emotive. I wonder if that is why train windows are bigger than cars? because they get more use!

    • I apologise for the lazy writing style that failed to insert a comma after small. Of course the statement was intended to use the term small as an additional description of the size of a dime to assist where people were unaware of such a size. For clarity a dime has a diameter of just under 18mm. I would, in my defence, like to point out that nickel and dime measurements are a standard among that tattooing fraternity

      • And it’s also used by those pesky American zombies that are transporting you into parallel worlds. Just remember to put the date the right way round in xl it gets really confused otherwise. Y’all have a good day now y’hear

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