6 comments on “A summer of wonky time

  1. Mmmm time…. The thought entered my head that it had been some time since the blog Master had triggered an alert on my mail and then it went off. My guess was some Numpty offering a grand less for my high performance luxury sports salon, or it would be Gav on a rant about chip eaters…selection number 2… I continue to try and educate my peers about time dilation, the speed of light, quantum theory with interesting effects. We got into a heated discussion about firing bullets when traveling at the speed of light when a lonely voice in the background announced ‘wow that’s all a bit heavy going, don’t you discuss football and super models here?’ . Not here my friendly IT visitor, welcome to our world…….

    • Good point Jenny, I got what you meant, but what way do you drive round roundabouts? Think arrive from South can see East exit but need to go all way round, is easier

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