4 comments on “Growing younger

  1. What can I say to my best wordsmith mate, an honour and truly great time we had. The morning after I cursed all of the people bumping around the corridor only to realise when I took to the hallway in a very unsteady fashion that it was not the previous nights cider but moreso the absence of light causing people to collide into walls and wake me up- karma I guess.

    I felt so rough I was almost sick but in the process of gagging pulled a Muscle in my tongue which cramped and took most of the sickness away.

    life is a book with many chapters my almost 40 mate, dôme chapters Dick, dôme

    • I hadnt finished, my fat fingers couples with prédictive text resulted in an incomplète post with french accent.

      In the book or life some pages suck, some bang with life, but every page is a new one and sometimes the rest of the story is waiting to be written. We still have many a story to write.

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