4 comments on “Technology, Old Age, its a conspiracy!

  1. Well, since you asked so nicely….. We are off course moving through spacetime at the speed of light (299,792,458 M/s). When we are stationary the whole of our movement through spacetime is in the time plane, and our perceived time passes at 1s per second. As our speed increases our motion through spacetime shifts to the space plane and the time component decreases, meaning time passes slower. Then at the ultimate velocity all our motion is in the space plane and none in the time plane. So whilst our experience of 24 hours is unique to each of our journeys though spacetime, time dilation requires such significant speeds that we’re unlikely to experience it……..
    But you knew that.
    And when I say significant speeds, even the mighty 540 isn’t quick enough.

    • Does it matter if we use the traditional or the atomic second? The later is longer so does that mean we ‘document’ our age as older than we are?

      • Personally I prefer the atomic second because I learnt the number 9192631770 relating to the cesium. But it doesn’t matter. The mighty 540 still isn’t quick enough……

        Although having said that it could account for my boyish young looks…..

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