5 comments on “What’s it all mean?

  1. If you restrict the flow in an air line it will cause a high pressure point this results in heat due to a restricted flow. Could the heat being felt due to a restriction in the normal flow of the nerve ? The movement through a restricted area is causing the same high pressure point this heat. Not a virtual heat (in your mind) but a real heat.

    • Now I’m liking the theory but we have to
      go vascular, nerves carry electric pulses so that would be like pinching a cable. If its a vein then it would swell behind the restriction and maybe that is pressing a nerve? More trials I think.

      • Hmmmm, I experienced a strange heat in my arm and have been experimenting since…
        This is the original scenario. Sit with your left arm bent at 90 degrees, elbow in at your side and hand resting in the palm down on your leg (if you can’t manage palm down I’m not sure it makes a difference)
        Then take a large mug of coffee (other hot beverages exist) in your right hand and push the cup into your left armpit from the front, keeping your elbow in at your side. After 2 seconds I got a warm sensation on the under side of my arm between my elbow and wrist. At the time I thought it was my cat getting hot out I’d spilt the coffee, but it is repeatable left and right.

        Experimentation has yet to reveal other places that give rise to a false sensation.

        Perhaps you’re looking in the wrong place….

        I’m guessing my armpit any fore arm are next to each other on my brain map, ask the CT people to check your brain for what is next to your wrist

      • Just resting at front not in armpit, stay on your man boob and then slide into the fold of your arm

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